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All skirts

I treated myself on the book 'allemaal rokjes' written by Mme Zsazsa. All simple patterns and clear explanations. This is the first A-line skirt. Finished within the hour, if you don't count everything I did in between. The fabric is from duvetcover Smorboll (Ikea).


Yes, I've been there again, the thriftstore. I found a small book called '40 happy dolls', published in the '70. It appeared to be a translation of a japanese book and that shows. So much cuteness inside. I had to make this red riding hood immediately.
You could enlarge the picture of the pattern to use it. The red body is 19cm in height.

Close to your heart

A quick test-dress from a 1€-costing piece of fabric. To see if size and shape are good. Made to a pattern from this japanese book. She is already wearing it to school today.


My blogfriend Jo from A Bit of This and a Bit of That sent me this fantastic package. We agreed to do a regular swap. She's sending me japanese magazines and I send her europian stuff in return. This time she added a felt christmas-ornament, a little game and some sweets for the kids. Thanks, Jo. From the magazine Cotton Time I used a guide to crochet this scraf for my daughter, in two shades of green. It is a bit 'granny', so I will have to add a big coloured button or something like that.

Little pearls from Japan

Of course the other daughter needed an apron-dress too. The pattern came from this book. Japanese crafting books are great. Beautiful patterns and ideas, explained in step by step pictures and/or drawings. No need to read Japanese. You can order them via Yesasia or Amazon, by isbn-numbers. And those you can find at Crafting Japanese or Japan couture addicts. Also good places to find reviews.

On this rainy Day

More sun-hats. For my daughters this time. They chose the fabric. It is reversible. The flowers are on pins, so they can be pinned on both sides of the hat. The pattern is from this book (isbn 978-4-529-04437-0). It is a pity that Yesasia, where I generally order my japanese crafting books, has almost doubled the prices since they have a beautiful english site. The book also has some lovely dresses in it. I bought it on sight of the dress on the cover. The flower on the left is made with this tutorial.


Some time ago I got an order to make a doll for a little girl turning one. I was already thinking about designing a doll and this is a great opportunity. The birthday is in july, so there's time to do some research on the subject of dolls and softies. The Hijn-project was a first try. This lady is the following attempt. From this Japanese book. It features just one prototype of doll, with a lot of variations and a complete wardrobe. All very stylish. What I discovered, now I started to make dolls and animals, is that it is very hard to part from them. But I'll be strong and give this girl away. More about that later.

Close your eyes for a minute

I thought this project from the book Handmade Zakka (isbn4-579-11008-0) would be a perfect gift for my friend. She got her third child a while ago and I'm sure she can use every nap she can get. Congratulations!

ISBN 978-4-391-62071-9

Another book. Maybe it is time for me to sew some other fabric baskets than the ones I have been showing you for a while. And this is the perfect book for that. The basket on the cover was enough to order the book. Actually it's subtitle is 'bags! bags! bags!'. Lot's of lovely bags. Clear instructions.

ISBN 978-4-579-11194-7

Recently I ordered some japanese craft-books at Yesasia again. Till now I just ordered books I read reviews about. This time I ordered some just by the look of the cover. Worked pretty well. Especially this book is amazing. Simple but refined clothes for little girls. Patterns and instructions are easy to read, without understanding japanese. Today I drove right to the local fabric-store to buy fabrics for the beatiful projects above. I think I´ll start with the skirt....

Japanese joy

I didn't realise that I had addictions before starting to write this blog. But here's another one: Japanese craftbooks. They're are neatly folded in plastic when they arrive. Almost a pity to unwrap them. This time the books are about making skirts for women, cloths for girls and presents for babies.

Getting more secure in the sewing-business

Next month my youngest will turn two. Here's a top that I made for her birthday. I was surprised to find this lovely fabric in the local fabric-store. It looks and feels like Liberty (but it is not). My pictures could be better, but a course in photography is on my wishlist. The pattern comes from the japanese book pictured on the right (isbn978-4-579-11054-4). It is full of basic patterns for girls clothes (100 to 140 cm). It is my favorite japanese craftbook till now!


The book on the right (isbn978-4-309-28044-8) is as lovely as the cover promises. It's about needle-felting and felting with soap and water. Many pictures to show how it is done. These birds on a string are from this book. I felted the birds and the beads with a needle, but later on I discovered that the beads are more easily made with water and soap.

Fabric basket

In spite of having the flu I couldn't resist making this cotton basket.

Eraser stamps

Making stamps from erasers is very simple: Draw/take a picture you like. Draw it with a soft pencil. Lay it upside down on an eraser. Rub with fingernail. The picture is now on the eraser. Take your set of gouges or a sharp hobby-knife and cut away everything but the lines. And there it is, your stamp. You actually don't need books like the ones I'm showing here, but I wanted to have them anyway. They give a lot of ideas about what you can do with the stamps you make. The first on (isbn978-4-07-248881-2) inspired me most. That's probably because it was my first. The other one (isbn978-4-391-12991-5) is also very cute.

This is a selection out of my collection. The girls represent my daughters.

Fold! Fold! Fold!

The day before Christmas Yesasia made me happy! The long-expected package contained seven japanese craftbooks. This is one of them. This booklet (isbn4-277-75337-x) is filled with beautifull ways to fold boxes, baskets and envelopes. Ideal for wrapping small gifts. Texts are in japanese, but because of the clear drawings that's no problem, as in most japanese craftbooks. I gave it a try and here are some of the results.