Potholder tutorial

I have been seeing potholders like these in several japanese books. And now I needed them in my kitchen. I gathered ideas from all of those books and made my own pattern. I took pictures during the process and made a tutorial for all domestic goddesses.


Anonymous said...

Dank je wel! Precies wat ik kan gebruiken als kadootje voor mijn schoonmoeder die binnenkort gaat verhuizen!
Mocht je de beschrijving in het Nederlands hebben dan hou ik me aanbevolen. Is toch makkelijker :-))!

Rose said...

Fabulous! I will be making these - thank you for the tutorial.

Wendy said...

Well, now we know what I'll be doing this week...
Thanks for posting these!

Anne said...

This is so pretty!!

I linked to your potholder tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


KIRKEBY said...

Hi Kristel.

I really enjoy to follow your blog. I have given you a creative award from Denmark. See it on my blog:

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Have a nice evening.

Sincerly Maria :-)

Judith said...

Prachtig! Weet ik meteen een leuk kadootje voor mijn moeder. Die pakt haar pannen beet met twee versleten draadjes. :D

Anonymous said...

mooi! en mijn mama is net verjaard maar kreeg nog geen kado, want weinig inspiratie... tot nu (alhoewel het ook wel zou kunnen tellen als statement-kado voor mijn papa)

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for your tutorial - your fabrics are gorgeous makes me want to rush and make these!

Jacqui said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, I made a pair up for a friend's birthday and they turned out beautifully! http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacqui_craig/4377826067/in/photostream/

Franziska said...

hello, I'd like to download your tutorial but I don't have a facebook account. Can you send it to me via mail? That would be really nice. Greetings Franziska