Wee felt folk

Felt dolls are so easy to make. For everyone. Really, just start from the beginning (a good way to handle any complex project ;-D). I think even my kids could make these dolls. The only thing you need is specific material: wool felt, (felting) wool, pip cleaners, wooden beads. You can find them on Etsy fe or in special shops (see left column here). And then you have to know the blanket stitch, which is not difficult to learn. I found the tutorial for the wee felt folk via Pinterest. I very much like her choice of colours and use of natural materials. And I think it's so cute that there's a pattern for trousers and for leggings. Differently than in the example, the daughters thought the little people should have eyes, so we did.

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juffrouw truus said...

Een paar weken geleden heb ik soortgelijke poppetjes met onze drie meiden gemaakt, en het was prima en erg leuk om te doen. Zal nog eens een foto op mijn blog plaatsen.

Groeten van Juffrouw Mier