Star apples

My uncle gave us a large bag of fallen apples. They needed to be processed quickly. Apple sauce (peel, core, cook and freeze) is the easiest way, but we don't need that much apples sauce. Baking a classic Dutch apple pie is another option, but not every day. Lots of butter, quite some sugar. The cake above is a good alternative. The spices nicely disguise the lack of sugar. The girls loved it. Or this moist cake. It's sweeter than the other one. Looking for apple-recipes I also found a recipe for making apple cider vinegar. A good way to use the peels from the apples for the cake. I like the idea of using every part. We'll have to wait six weeks before we can try and see how good it is. Do you have another good apple-recipe?


Yvonne said...

Ziet er heerlijk uit... Appelazijn leuk idee!
Ik heb nogal wat gevallen appels van onze boom en wilde eens ''applebutter'' uitproberen, recept via Pinterest hoop dat het smaakt, ff afwachten..

marisa said...

That looks delicious. I'm a huge fan of this 'apple sharlotka', which uses loads of apples: