Passing on

To me, kiwi's seem to be a bit out of season. But I got a bag of small kiwi's from my mom. She had gotten them from a friend of hers, who had already made more kiwi-jam than she could eat. This friend got the kiwi's from someone who obviously had a greenhouse full of these green vitamin bombs. By the time they arrived at our place the kiwi's were almost overripe and I had to make jam right away. And I passed on the jam again. Two jars back to my parents, one to my friend for loaning me some kitchen-utensils and one to mrs Lightbluegrey when we went there for a visit. The last one stays with us.


lightbluegrey said...

Potje met history. And we ate it right away. Zo lekker!

Yvonne said...

Meanwhile ours is also almost gone, tasted very good! :)

Unknown said...

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed. See the link below for more info.