We have two teenagers now. Our youngest reached the age of 10 last week. And although modest in size herself, her wishlist becomes longer every year: earrings, eau de toilette, clothes, make-up bag, make-up, preferably a horse, pony camp, candy, topmodel colouring books, riding clothes for matches, felt tips, pencils, a flight to Thailand, doll or barbie, money (more than my sister has got), schoolbag, books, plants for my bedroom, games, chocolate, high heels, cinnamon cake, lime cake and go to an old church filled with trampolines for my birthday party. Many of her wishes were fulfilled, but I think you can guess which ones weren't.


Coach said...

Nog van harte met de jongste tiener!! Indrukwekkende wensenlijst:)

Yvonne said...

So.... she didn't get the horse??????