A city a day

After nature, came culture. After staying in Sued-Tirol for over a week, we travelled a bit more south to a lovely Airbnb in Padua. On the way we stopped in Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet (we listened the audiobook of Shakespeares' story in the car), to see the famous balcony (although fake) and the arena. In Padua we had to see the Scrovegni chapel with the amazing fresco's of Giotto. The last day of our holiday we took the bus to Venice. What an amazing city! In spite of all the other tourists and endless souvenir shops, we really were amazed by the uniqueness of the place. We even experienced the gondola feeling by taking the traghetto (just a short trip, but much cheaper). And now we're home. It's good to be home. Next monday kids go to school and regularity returns. Also nice. But I'm already searching on Behomm for our next holiday-swap!

Car organiser

A pretty handy car accessory for holidays. For tissues, sunglasses and food. Found this tutorial on Pinterest. I first made one to test whether it would work, but now the girls are fighting every time about who gets the organiser. It obviously fills a need! Another one has to be made soon.

Alto Adige

I think you've guessed by the lack of posts that we're on a holiday. We're in northern Italy, Alto Adige or Sued-Tirol. We probably wouldn't have chosen this area if it wasn't for a blog-friend to propose a house swap. But we are really swept of our feet by the beauty around here! I now understand what people love about mountains. And although I don't like walking, two of the most exciting things we did last week involved hiking. First thing is climbing up and down the Gilfenklamm. Impressively beautiful. A bit scary too. The other is a short hike on the Seiseralm. The views over the Dolomites are amazing. Wouldn't mind to walk some more over there!

Bumblebee beauty

While assisting dad making our cabinets in their backyard, I had time to watch and photograph the bumblebees flying around from flower to flower. Pretty good quality pictures for a phone camera. The Bublebees look almost suitable for petting, with their bodies covered in pollen. I think it is one of my favourite insects. Having a favourite insect sounds really nerdy though. Did you know that there are more than 250 kinds? I think I need a determination card.

Getting ready

In between getting the house ready for the summer-holiday-swap and entertaining the kids, I took some time to make myself a nice large make-up bag. Big enough to also fit regular bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I really need to print another batch of the geo-fabric soon, because these were almost the last pieces. The lining is from Petit Pan, sale item at Van Marieke. The pouch is already waiting between the other holiday stuff for next saturday.

Thanks dad!

Are we lucky that I have such a handy and helpful dad! Recently we rearranged our bathroom a bit after a leakage and were in need of new cabinets. I made a design to optimise cabinet space in the small bathroom. Yesterday dad and I glued and hammered the made-to-measure wood into three cabinets. It was not bad working in such an idyllic environment and lunch served by mom. Now the hard part comes: sanding and painting three times...


More culture: while our youngest enjoyed a two-day horse riding camp, the rest of the family payed a visit to the Matisse exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Although there was some resistance in the beginning, our young guest is obviously not used to visiting exhibitions, towards the end she became fascinated by the clippings and collages. We looked at the works closely and made our own collages at home. So it was a inspirational exhibition for all of us. And in the end, the french girl knows a bit more about french art history.


Last friday we went to 'my' Noordbrabants museum and the neighbouring Sm-s. Both museums offer free workshops for kids during summer. On friday there's 'showringen en zaagkettingen' (show-rings and sow-necklaces), which refers to the Benhard Schobinger exhibition. After a short introduction there, it was hands on. The girls loved making their own 'bijoux fou'. On the left, the ladies behind an amazing artwork of Georgia Russell (till 30/8).

Potted zucchini

In the meantime the garden is producing its first courgettes. This first batch of almost two kilo's has been transformed into 8 jars of sweet-and-sour. Easy to make and it goes with almost everything: meat, cheese, warm and cold food. A good way to enjoy summer also in winter.

Different routine

It's not easy to keep crafting and blogging during summer holidays. There's a continuous lack of me-time with three kids at home. We have a lot of fun though. Last weekend we walked through the stone age, via the middle ages, to the romans (our youngest pointed out that indeed it wasn't the right time sequence) in historic parc Archeon. Making a felt bracelet, a beeswax candle, a fibula and more along the way. And also seeing a temple ritual, a show with birds of prey and a gladiator fight. An interesting, active day for all of us.