I can't stand high temperatures at all! I behave like a hermit these last days. Just work quietly inside the house, until I really need to go outside to do something. In the meantime the girls still seem to feel quite comfortable outside in our resort. And the vegetable garden also flourishes into a visual paradise, thanks to my husband sprinkling it every evening. Unfortunately for me the weather is not going to change for some time...

On my bedside table

Almost I had ordered a beautiful wooden piece of this phone stand on Etsy. But then I thought it shouldn't be hard to make one yourself. I decided to make a test piece in layers of cardboard to get the right size and shape. It worked so good that it never came to a nicer wooden piece. Dimensioned on my Iphone it also fits my husbands Samsung. Sizes: 2,5x7,2x0,6cm and the gap is 0,8x1,5cm.


We not only went fossil hunting during the family weekend, but on monday we also payed a visit to Aachen in Germany. It's so close to the Dutch border. We'd never been there before. But mentioning Aachen, J said that it was the residence and place of death of Charlemagne. I didn't know, although I seem to be a descendant of this king of Franks. The dome he has built 1200 years ago is still intact and of an unexpected style. We were also surprised by all the golden items in the treasury next to the dome. A real surprise. We will surely go back to this city, on a less rainy day.

Travelling around the world

My husbands' brother celebrated his 40th birthday last night. But what do you give someone who's going to travel with his family for the next half year? An ebook voucher sounded like a good idea. But vouchers are always a bit boring to give. So we wrapped it up in a passport-cover. Something that also comes in handy when travelling. An all-time favourite gift. You'll be seeing more of those soon.

Summer sewing

R was complaining that her sun glasses didn't fit in any case, so I offered to sew her one. And here it is. In N's mermaid fabric, quilted in waves, fiberfill at the back and a snap to close the pouch. Simple as that.


Among other things, we made a trip to marl pit 't Roodt in Margraten with the family. This pit is still actually in use, so only on saturdays fossil hunters are allowed to come there. All the kids liked to be outside searching for treasures, as well as the adults (my inner nerd has really been awakened, because I'm even thinking of joining a geological association). But who wouldn't love to find loads of 70 million years old fossils? Two years ago I didn't even now about the possibilities to find fossils in the Netherlands, but now we're all hooked.

50 years!

We just came back from a great long weekend in Limburg. My parents in law celebrated the 50th anniversary of the start of their courtship and invited us to spend a weekend with them and my husbands brother plus family in this amazing house. Although weather predictions weren't that good, the girls could play their little concert for the grandparents on the terrace in the sun. We enjoyed the company, the house and the activities (more about that later) very much. Thank you, R and L!


It's that time of year. Elder blossom is everywhere. We bottled the delicious smell in syrup again.  The stamp used for the labels was one of the first hand carved stamps I've made. Obvious when you look closely. It doesn't fit these adhesives, but half the stamp still looks pretty ok. Unfortunately my kids don't like sweet drinks, so it's up to others to finish all those bottles of syrup. I searched for elder flower cocktails on Pinterest. Lot's of lovely drinks came up. Look!

Blessing in disguise

I know it's a bit quiet on my blog. A lot of things to do. One of them is making a new fence. The old one came down during a storm a few weeks ago. Lucky us, because it was a cheap, ugly fence. We sat with our neighbours and discussed the new one. We wanted it half open, they preferred closed. They liked horizontals, we verticals etc. With some give and take we're now making a closed fence with vertical boards. Ours grey, theirs unpainted. Actually my dad is making the fence and I assist. I, the apprentice, drilled about 1400 holes and fitted half of them with screws. Quite some work and not finished yet. But I love working with my dad this way. And our backyard is looking so much better than before.


Only a few weeks of school to go for the girls. Feels like summer holiday is almost there. N has had her last violin lesson, Janne only has two cello lesons to go. Also hockey trainings have stopped already. Yay! Traditionally all the players take something tasty to the last training. Janne brought these chocolate strawberries. Two of her favourites combined. And very easy to make. Just melt dark chocolate in the microwave and dip in the berries. Lay them on a sheet of fat free paper and cool the strawberries in the fridge.