Carpe diem

Age was a real conversation topic these last days. The day before yesterday we had to burry our youngest cousin, who had a fatal work accident, leaving a wife and two young kids. Afterwards we had a get together with the cousins and discussed why he had to die so young and how all others, but not we ;-), had grown so old. And then the good things. There's C, one of my secondary school friends, who will have a party for her 45th birthday. This pouch is for her. Fortyfive! Are we that old already? But yes let's celebrate because we got to be that old. Still some months to go for me...

Beau and Charly are looking for a new home

On may 12th our cat gave birth to these sweet boys (at least, I think they are boys). We were not sure whether Guusje was pregnant, since we never saw any interest for or action with a tomcat. So their arrival was pretty much a surprise since. I waited for their eyes to open, to show them to you. The girls gave the kittens (temporary) unisex names. Beau is all black with a white spot under the chin and Charly is black and white with white socks. And they are still looking for some good owners (about 7 weeks from now)! Do you know anyone looking for a new companion? Just let us know. Their mother is a very affectionate, intelligent cat, looking like a small Main Coon. We know nothing about the dad, but the fact that he's black and white and walking around our neighbourhood.

Unnecessarily replacement

Did I need one? No, my old needle book (the one with flowers) was still perfectly fine. But when I saw a very nice tutorial for a quilted needle book, I wanted to make myself a new one anyway. Now I can't find that tutorial again. But you could use my tutorial for a needle book and then quilt it by hand. Anyone interested in getting my old needle book?

Geo neon

Last friday was disco night again for our eleven-year-old. Theme: neon. Her outfit of a bright pink top, a neon sweater and dito earrings needed to be completed with a small bag to contain phone and money. That morning I whipped up this fold-over bag. Very simple, but she scored many compliments with it. I didn't use a tutorial, but here you can find a similar one. Later I thought I could have adjusted the angle of the flap to the pattern on the fabric. Next time.

Nerds rule

We feel really nerdy when we drive to the beach again, to go fossil hunting. Not that we care, but still. The drive takes us through the absurd landscape of the Rotterdam harbour (follow Europoort > Maasvlakte > strand), to the desolate newly made beach. It's the excitement of finding something really old or special. I would love to find a mammoth molar. No luck yet, but we came close. This is the chin of a young mammoth from the last ice age. Photographed wrong side up, because we then didn't know what is was.


My mother got so many make-up pouches from me, but uses not one. She keeps them standing somewhere in the house and says they're too beautiful to use. Maybe she is going to use this piece...

Lady like

I love the buttercup bag pattern! It comes together easily and just looks great. Maybe I'll try one in leather soon. This one contains again some sets of earrings for a birthday girl. The little lady loves giraffes and I happened to have this fabric in stock. In the bag also a recipe for a fabulous giraffe cake roll.

Good times

When you have a birthday party involving the girl with the pearl earring, you should have seen her in real, don't you think? Two weeks ago the girls and I went to the recently re-openend Mauritshuis to see the painting and all the other famous paintings in the beautiful museum. We went there by train, had lunch at Bloem and after the visit to the museum we also went to Gallerij Prins Willem V and Panorama Mesdag. My memory didn't do right to that panoramic painting. The girls liked it a lot. In the end of a lovely day, my husband joined us to have dinner. Dinner in the restaurant where we went for our first date.

One step at a time

Third cushion for the lounge corner. It's another part of N's old mattress. Upholstered with just one pillow case from the Ikea sale corner. The pattern and colours are family from the fabric of the first cushion. Slowly the teen hangout is growing.

Favourite pass time

Searching for fossils is so nice! Especially when you find something good every time. In the past may break we went to the Tweede Maasvlakte twice. Here you see a hipbone of a ice age rhino. We also found a piece of an ancient pelvis, probably of a mammoth. And a back tooth from a very old deer or cow. You don't have to be an expert, because there's a site, Oervondstchecker, where you can upload pictures of your find. An expert will look at it and explain what it is you've found within a few days. Or you can go on expedition with an expert.