It's pretty busy over here. Don't seem to find time to craft any blog worthy item. But this dish is certainly worth writing about. Why? My girls usually have complete opposite tastes. But this minced beef, apple and rosemary pie they both liked instantly. Extra special, because the apples as well as the rosemary came from our garden. This recipe comes close to the one we used.

New experiences

Today was a very busy day. We had to split up. While our youngest played violin, for the first time in an orchestra, for Sinterklaas, J. and I went to Tilburg for the First Lego League. Their (school)team of eight children battled with self built and programmed robots and presented their project on improving traffic education in school. What an amazing event! All kids should be able to get this kind of scientific education, I think. Between battles the kids could attend several workshops. Here you see J. soldering an electronic dice. And, best of all, they won the price for best presentation!

Brick on grey, my favourite

For next sunday I've invited my family to join a guided tour in the Noordbrabants Museum. An alternative birthday party, you could call it. My colleague Sophie will be showing us around and, as a thank you, I made this small (15x15cm) pouch for her. It's the same pouch in both pictures, I just decided to change labels. I have plans to write a tutorial on how to design and sew this kind of pouches in any size. Would you be interested in such a how-to?

Never too many notebooks

A small paper project to divert from all the things that have to be done. Attracted by this tutorial. My cardboard was a bit to thick for the purpose. It split in the corners. Had to patch it up with washi tape. Next time better. Next booklet will be part of N's Sinterklaas surprise present for the intern of her class.

Vincents of the future

For those of you living close enough and having kids in the age group of 9 to 12 year olds, I 'd like to draw attention to the masterclasses in Vincents Tekenlokaal in Tilburg. It is so nice that kids get lessons from serious artists. This time, last sunday, Sophie Heijkoop taught them how to draw faces. The second hour the children use the learned techniques on a digital screen. Next year these masterclasses will take place twice a month, so there will be more room available to take part. Our youngest is already looking forward to next year when she will be 9 too.

20 sec in the microwave

It's not the first time I've made handwarmers. But they weren't as cute as these ones. Two foxes are on their way to dark and cold Scandinavia, the keep the hands of a birthday boy warm. When he's watching his brother's hockey match for example. They're quickly sewn from small fabric scraps. Other than the tutorial, I first ironed fusible interfacing between the different parts. Easier to sew on and less fraying.

Wee felt folk

Felt dolls are so easy to make. For everyone. Really, just start from the beginning (a good way to handle any complex project ;-D). I think even my kids could make these dolls. The only thing you need is specific material: wool felt, (felting) wool, pip cleaners, wooden beads. You can find them on Etsy fe or in special shops (see left column here). And then you have to know the blanket stitch, which is not difficult to learn. I found the tutorial for the wee felt folk via Pinterest. I very much like her choice of colours and use of natural materials. And I think it's so cute that there's a pattern for trousers and for leggings. Differently than in the example, the daughters thought the little people should have eyes, so we did.

Het is echt een topdag vandaag

One day I found a little note in the kitchen. Written by our 8-year-old daughter. 'It really is a great day today', it said. On a regular, nothing special, weekday. I got all emotional about it and wanted to do something with this special note. I added an illustration and together we made two-coloured gocco prints. And put one on the wall in our living room, to remind us to live by the moment. Need a reminder too? I have put some prints up for sale on etsy. You'll find them here. Could also be nice sinterklaas or christmas gift.

There a heron!

A quiet sunday. Fresh, windless and with a watery sun. We paid a visit to my parents and went for a walk. A walk with granddad to collect stuff for an autumn piece. After the walk J disappeared in the greenhouse with grandma. Fifteen minutes later they came out with a stunning table centrepiece.

Highly sensitive

We created this Maleficent hat together, with just tape,tin foil and a balloon, for her first disco night. No, I don't think 10-year-olds need to go to the disco already, but in our village every 7th and 8th grader does. It's a themed evening just for their age group. All pretty innocent, with dressed up children. But still too impressive for our pretty girl. Within the hour we were called, that she wanted to go home. In tears, she told us that it was too loud and too busy. You would think she had enough for some years, but no, she's already looking forward to next months' disco. By the way, for that one hour, her costume was a big hit!