Semi beginner

Yes another, short, weaving post. Because I want to show you my second rigid loom ribbon. That actually turned out pretty neat. Not perfect, but good enough for a hair band for my daughter.


Here's another weaving technique I picked up in Norway. I saw beautiful hand carved wooden rigid heddles or tape looms over there. They appeared to be pretty expensive, so I decided to try a cheap (marktplaats) piece first. This is a simpler way to weave than the earlier mentioned card weaving technique. But I think the last one has more possibilities. The rigid heddle is easy to use for a beginner like me and the produced band or ribbon is really nice. A double hole wooden loom and some bone or wooden weaving cards are certainly on my wish list now. Am I lucky my birthday is not far away.

One of a kind

Everyone can make monoprints. The girls and a friend tried last week and, after some hesitation in the beginning, experimented with various types of paint and paper, different techniques of applying paint and second prints. Each time a surprise when they pulled off the paper from the painted glass. Above my personal favourites. A nice autumn holiday craft: take some flat (plexi)glass (from an old frame fe), let the children (quickly) paint on it and lay a piece paper on the paint. Rub softly and pull off again. And there's a unique piece of art!

Back to basics

The Oseberg ship (834 AD) in the Viking ship museum in Oslo was used to burry two women. Important women, because they were buried with a lot of grave gifts. Inter alia a set of bone tablets to weave traditional bands. Even with a band in progress. I was inspired to try this ancient technique myself. Found a secondhand set of cardboard weaving cards, dito book with instructions and above  you'll find my very first try. As you can see I'm not a experienced weaver at all, because the work is uneven in all directions. But the result can be a high quality thick band. It's possible to make pretty complex patterns, threading and turning the cards in different directions. I'll just have to practise a bit more.

Autumn activity

When we made reservations for this mushroom walk at Natuurmonumenten, we couldn't foresee that we would be able to do this walk short sleeved and with the sun in our face. What a wonderful day we've got yesterday! We kept a list of the different mushrooms we came across. 26 types! And the season has not even started fully yet (not enough rain). It was a fun and instructive day with grandma and granddad (thanks for the pictures L.).

So serene

Although Norway is not as design minded as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, there were some inspirational pictures to be taken in the Folk Museum in Oslo. I just love the sober colours and the detailed decorations. If I just had less stuff, no kids and a quieter mind,  I would want my house to look like this.


After selecting the books, it was time for the empty frames. So may of them lying around. I kept the good ones and threw away the less beautiful and damaged ones. Except for the glass. The flat glass is perfect for rolling out printing ink. And also for making monoprints. Above some of my test prints, to see if this would be a technique for the kids. It is. Not only for kids. I really liked how the print on the right turned out.

Keeper XS

I know, you are probably waiting for some craftiness, but work and headaches prevented me from doing any other creative thinking. Maybe next week. Till then some pictures of our youngest on her way to keepers training. The bag is so large she can easily fit in it herself. Today it is her turn to defend the goal.

Book sale

Seeing the very neatly organised workspace of F. I felt like tidying up my atelier as well. Started with the books. Too many pieces I never looked into, although there are pretty nice things in it. But that's the thing with too many. You don't know what you have anymore. I put the books up for sale on Marktplaats, to get back just a little bit of what I spent on them. There are mostly vintage and retro sixties and seventies books, but also some more recent items. Have a look if there's anything for you up for sale. Small offers will be accepted.

Norway for the first time

Our autumn break became a late summer holiday. Although we went northwards, the sun shone almost the complete week. A great opportunity to explore Oslo. Almost feeling a bit local, because we were staying in Floortjes house (thanks!!). We visited, amongst other things, the Norsk Folkemuseum, two screams of Munch and the Vikingship museum. I was impressed by the last one. The ships are exhibited in such a serene way. But the girls were most excited about the fact that we happened to see the king and his wife at the opening of the parliamentary year.