After the wonderful week of me-time, it's back to normal again. Last week I was spraying guerrilla-art (don't worry it's chalk paint) on the walls and streets like a youngster. This after designing and printing the mold with a laser cutter (at the fablab). Now it's back to work, back and forth to the kids' school and start up my taxi service taking our girls to field hockey (teu, wed, thu, fri and sat!) and violin lessons. How could I think I was busy when I used to be a student?

The Hague

Here's a tip for those who have some days of holiday left. Or a free weekend in the planner. Last week we had a very nice day in Den Haag. The Escher Museum was our first stop. Amazing how many prints that talented man made. All those details! After lunch at Van Prinse & co we came along the 'Gevangenenpoort' (prison gate museum). J wanted to go in because she wanted to see where Johan and Cornelis de Witt were held captive, before being murdered by the crowd. Our last stop was the house of Hofwijck. Built by Constantijn Huijgens. It is the place where his son Christiaan grew up and was educated to be a great scientist. All recommendable!


Sorry guys, it's a bit quiet over here. The illustration course is taking all the available time and energy this week. The lessons are very inspiring. New techniques, new materials, new perspectives. Discovering/accepting that slightly awkward and frumpy is probably my signature style. Wonderful teacher: Ellen Vesters.

For Feliks

The invitation for the baptism arrived rather late, since it was send to an old e-mailaddress. Fortunately we were notified in time to reschedule another appointment and be there anyway. We didn't want to miss this special baptism in a Russian orthodox church, lovely experience for the girls (and us). A quick present had to be made. I ended up making this little shark.


Next week the kids will be back in school again and this mom treats herself on a five day illustration course. I'm so looking forward! Since I have no real illustration experience, I set myself the goal to make a drawing each day during this holiday. For the messenger girl above I was inspired by this pin. Love the idea of incorporating the stamps into a drawing. I scanned my picture, so that I can print it on any envelop. This first messenger girl brings a 'take-some-time-off-package' to someone who really needs it. Enjoy H!

All relaxed

We're back. From another holiday in France. We've had a wonderful time as you can see here: canoeing on the river Vienne and descending the Gouffre de Padirac. You had a good time too, this holiday? We're ready for school, work and regularity again!

Kids first

The crochet rush it not over yet. So more out of season stuff. This cowl is made with the double crochet V stitch. I love the lozenge shaped pattern a lot. The modelling daughter said that the colours match her jacket perfectly, so the cowl should be hers. Ah well, she's right, I can crochet myself another cowl.

Ikea hack

A regular read for me is El hada de papel. Many lovely craft ideas. Like this yard stick for the kids. Made from a piece of cardboard and a free Ikea measuring tape. Good for us, because N wants to be measured pretty often to see whether she's grown. It's a big thing when you're the smallest in the class...

After breakfast

It's all crochet these days. Easy to do in between activities. Or in the car, next to my hubby, driving to Assen for example. Saw this crochet alfabet tutorial a while ago. First try is a name-bunting for J's friend Jip. Would also be a nice gift over the mail for a newborn though.

An oven for my muffins

Does every project succeed over here? Not at all. Of course I don't show you everything that didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. But here's one. Cost me too much effort not to show anyone. A cat cozy. I saw two examples that looked really nice (pattern), but not mine. Must be the different types of t-shirt yarn, too heavy. Cat wanted out immediately. I can relate. So I unravelled the thing and now I'm making two baskets out of the same yarn. Hope those will be accepted.