Kids first

The crochet rush it not over yet. So more out of season stuff. This cowl is made with the double crochet V stitch. I love the lozenge shaped pattern a lot. The modelling daughter said that the colours match her jacket perfectly, so the cowl should be hers. Ah well, she's right, I can crochet myself another cowl.

Ikea hack

A regular read for me is El hada de papel. Many lovely craft ideas. Like this yard stick for the kids. Made from a piece of cardboard and a free Ikea measuring tape. Good for us, because N wants to be measured pretty often to see whether she's grown. It's a big thing when you're the smallest in the class...

After breakfast

It's all crochet these days. Easy to do in between activities. Or in the car, next to my hubby, driving to Assen for example. Saw this crochet alfabet tutorial a while ago. First try is a name-bunting for J's friend Jip. Would also be a nice gift over the mail for a newborn though.

An oven for my muffins

Does every project succeed over here? Not at all. Of course I don't show you everything that didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. But here's one. Cost me too much effort not to show anyone. A cat cozy. I saw two examples that looked really nice (pattern), but not mine. Must be the different types of t-shirt yarn, too heavy. Cat wanted out immediately. I can relate. So I unravelled the thing and now I'm making two baskets out of the same yarn. Hope those will be accepted.

Some day

No, I know, it's not exactly the season for a hat. But I just like to crochet these days. Also from left over yarn. Three kinds and surprisingly matching. I used this simple pattern. The daughter didn't like the colours at first, but when she looked at herself, with the hat, on in the mirror, she decided it was actually pretty cute.

For Cecile

She is celebrating her birthday today. On holidays, in France. We made her a tassel bunting. Easily and quickly made of left over yarn. And looking very festive, don't you think? Congratulations C!


Yesterday we undertook a two hour drive to visit the Drents Museum in Assen. Our eldest daughter was very keen on visiting the temporary mummy exhibition. That, as well as the rest of the museum (and also the new extension by architect Erick van Egeraat) was very nice. After a quick lunch we drove to Borger, to the Hunebed center (designed by Aldo and Hannie van Eyck). It is built next to the largest Megalith in our country. Pretty impressive. Just as I remembered, because I was about the same age as our youngest when I visited this place for the first time. And there are many more megaliths in the area. Well worth a long drive!

For me

Drawing is something I really enjoy these days. So when I came across this summer course in illustration, I enrolled right away. I am looking forward to a whole week of working on my illustration skills. Till then I like drawing these slightly awkward looking girls. And carved a stamp from one of them.

Stash busting

It is wonderful to have all kinds of material available for any kind of project. But you can't go on collecting. I needed to make some space. Bring things (back) to the thrift store, throw stuff away and use. I started with the ugliest colour of cotton to make new dishcloths. First I thought I could do the waffle stitch from memory. Turned out quite nice, but no waffles. And actually a bit firm for a dish cloth. Then I tried this simple tutorial. Perfect. Some light blue tabs with white (shirt) buttons to freshen up the colours and the dish cloths are finished.

Interrail 1992

Tasting this delicious dish of stuffed vegetables, alle of sudden, brought back a lot of memories. One summer, my friend Danielle and I travelled by boat from Brindisi (Italy) to Patras (Greece). We went to a very small camping to spend our first night in the country. And since we were the only visitors, the owners invited us to share a meal. Mmm... Afterwards I have tried to reproduce that amazing taste several times. I think the recipe of Tessa Kiros comes closest to the experience, having dinner under the olive trees. Try!