Eye pillows

Here they are, sleep masks for the daughters. The girls were so happy when they found them on their pillow in the evening. For the fabric I was inspired by this beautiful dress, made by H.


We've already started to prepare J's eleventh birthday party in march. It is going to be a Selfie party. There's a jeu de mots in it, because the Dutch word for eleven is 'elf'. I worked out a programm for us in the Noordbrabants museum, with three activities around the theme of (self)portraits. Last week I made a test film. Because one of the activities is a stop motion film. You can see it here. I had planned to use facial parts from magazines to cover up her own face, but had no apt magazines. What I did have were pages with flowers and birds to cut from. Turned out pretty nice too, I think.

Circular crochet

Our cork hot pads need replacement. Of course we could just buy new ones, but I try to go with what we already have. So these crochet pads were made. I used thick cotton, a quick fix, but I still think the hot pads are too thin for a hot casserole. So next time I will try a double layered pad like this one.

Felt feast

This colourful garland is for a friend of N. She celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday. N picked the colours to match the ones in her friends bedroom. N had a really good time at the party. Congratulations F!

Birthday season

It has started again, birthday season, for our girls. This set will make a present for a sleepover party next weekend. A make-up pouch and a sleep mask. We will add some toiletries to make it complete. The girls both asked me to make them a sleepy fox mask too. I will do so later, as a present, because it was only a small effort to sew it.

World wonder

About half a year ago J stopped playing the violin. She found it very hard to practice regularly and it was not getting cosier in the house around practice time. Since then she has been avoiding everything looking like an instrument and sheet music. But then, when N needed a larger violin, we payed a visit to the violin maker. J all of a sudden said that she would like to try playing the cello! I thought 'let's make hay when the sun shines' and immediately arranged a trial lesson. The miracle happened. We found a teacher, rented a cello and yesterday she had her first real lesson. And what a beautiful instrument she chose.

Too tropical

These tropical earrings were also made for last fridays outfit. But in the end we decided it was really too much in combination with the head band. Flowers from an old garland and two green glass beads from a thrifted broken necklace. Glued together with a hot glue gun. They'll have to wait for another occasion.

Frida's flowers

Ha, finally an occasion to make a flower tiara. Our eldest has a tropical-themed party tomorrow. I'm not sure she's going to wear it, but I don't mind when she would choose not to. I had fun making it anyway. And love how it turned out. Maybe I'll wear it myself, as Frida Kahlo, at the carnival. This tutorial (follow links to separate flowers) helped to make the felt flowers.
update: she wore the tiara and got a prize for best outfit!

In fifteen minutes

Making stamps used to be a small business for me one day. But I carved so many that I didn't enjoy it too much any more. Only once in a while the carving tools come out of their box. Recently I made these little stamps for printing stickers to close envelopes with. Here you can find some perfect tutorials on how to make your own.

Pixy paradise

Where I still haven't got the time to craft, my daughter fills in the gap. She made her own felt family. And collected branches to make a pixy world in her room. Aren't they lovely? The patterns are from a booklet I have, but they look a bit like these.