Eraser stamps

Making stamps from erasers is very simple: Draw/take a picture you like. Draw it with a soft pencil. Lay it upside down on an eraser. Rub with fingernail. The picture is now on the eraser. Take your set of gouges or a sharp hobby-knife and cut away everything but the lines. And there it is, your stamp. You actually don't need books like the ones I'm showing here, but I wanted to have them anyway. They give a lot of ideas about what you can do with the stamps you make. The first on (isbn978-4-07-248881-2) inspired me most. That's probably because it was my first. The other one (isbn978-4-391-12991-5) is also very cute.

This is a selection out of my collection. The girls represent my daughters.

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elly joel said...

That's a great idea, I love those!