Linocut on fabric

A very long time ago I tried to do some linocutting. I made some prints on paper. This time it was my goal to print my own fabric. We had some lino left from the floors in our bedrooms, so I could start right away. My daughters drawing of an appletree was the inspiration for making this print. I'm not completely satisfied about the result. But the trial was good enough to make a nice pencilcase.


Redshoes said...

here I am again ;))

Beautiful printed pattern, gives it a special meaning, since it was inspired in your daughter's drawings :)

l.y. said...

That is LOVELY! For some reason, I never thought to lino print / rubber stamp onto fabric! I tried with my Gocco, which turned out okay, but maybe I should experiment with this :) What kind of paint do you use?

Redshoes said...

yes, yes.. do tell us the details.. ;)

vlijtig said...

Hi Lesley and Susana,

For this print I used 'Blockprint for textile' (from my stock, at least 10 years old, never used before). But when I went to the shop for more colors the lady told me that this ink is no longer produced! Now I don't know what to use for printing on textile. So tips are welcome.


Jesse said...

It worked really well! You're lucky to have old stock of ink - I've looked online and found nothing. I remember my mother printing with textile ink for lino... I'm using fabric paint, and thinking about trying silkscreen ink, which is pretty much the same thing.

And I just have to add that I'm really envious of your lino floors!