Congratulations Cato!

The daughter of a friend turned 4 today. As a present I bought her a childrens cooking book. It has our favorite chocolate cake (with lots of chocolate and sour cream) in it. For kids it is always nice to get something that they can use directly. That's why I whipped up this little-girls-apron to accompany the book. Without a pattern! My daughter is the model. She is taking her job seriously. I'll make her an apron too, for her birthday next week (also 4).


mikodesign said...

Schortje en een kookboek dat is altijd een super kado, mooie stof!
Leuk blog heb je, ook twee meiden, gezellig, ik kom snel nog eens kijken. said...

Yes indeed, die van mij houden ook van 'helpen' in de keuken en schortjes zijn nodig om je een 'echte kok' te voelen! (mooi stofje!)