My daughter celebrated her birthday three days in a row. On friday she had her goodbye-party at the playgroup. She handed out little books with a cupcake and a pin with her own drawings (modified in the computer) on it. The next day it was her real birthday with garlands, balloons, presents and grandparents visiting. Sunday was even more busy. A lot of kids and their parents came to celebrate. The kids decorated cupcakes with whipped cream and all kinds of sprinkles, edible flowers and figures. This is an activity that workes really well for kids of this age. It was a very, very busy weekend! Not too smart, because the little girl had to school the next day.....(a parent learning moment)

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lotta said...

I love two read the casual but loving posts about your kids. What wonderful ages they are in. My sons are much older both in or near teenagehood, which means different joys and experiences. Sometimes I do miss the sweetness of early childhood. Thanks for visiting my blog today - the prints on the handkerchiefs are geraniums.

warmly, lotta