The grass is always greener

When we came to live here, little over a year ago, we rearranged the whole garden. So all our plants are small and not yet fully blooming. Luckily the roses from our neighbours garden are hanging over the fence. And they are so beautiful! I always have some of the pink roses in a little vase in my kitchen (with permission of course).

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13mimosa said...

Waiting for a garden to grow can be one of the most frustrating things. When we moved into our house our backyard had been concreted from house to fence in all directions. It took us 18 months to have it cut (it was almost 1 metre thick), dig it all up with sledgehammering and smashing along the way. We did it all ourselves, Geoff and I, amazing. Now it is a green oasis and when I think we haven't achieved so much I look at it and feel content.