Mary Janes

We have to go to a wedding in two weeks. My mother went shopping with me to find a dress for the occasion. I bought a long flowery hippie-dress. Very not like me, but a girl has to do something different once in a while. What you see here is really me. I fell in love with this far-too-expensive bag from Martin Margiela. I didn't buy it right away. But when I came home I found a very friendly tax-letter in the mailbox. This must have been a sign... I made a small drawstring bag (kristen doran-fabric again) to keep the small things from getting lost in this big bag. Happy!

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Het said...

Hé Kris,

Wat een mooie schoenen staan daartussen! Waar heb je die vandaan?

En, wat een geweldige blog heb je. Leuk om weer eens te kijken, Hetty