Domestic goddess

Yesterday we had a neighbourhood-fair. It was a lovely day with a lot of sun in the middle of rainy days. Balloons, food, music, talking and more fun. I met a lot of people I didn´t know yet. We´re already making plans for a christmas-market. We made cupcakes. The snickers-peanutbutter cakes from Nigella Lawson were a big hit. You can find the recipy here.


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Celia said...

Oh, I truly adore this kind of parties in the neighborhood! You're going to have a huge success in the Christmas market, believe me. We've made them here some years and we've had a great sale, lol...
And so much fun too!

floortje said...

dat ziet er gezellig uit! en dat recept van die cakejes...klinkt erg goed...ook maar eens proberen.

mikodesign said...

looks like a lot of fun, would not mind having something like that in our street!

Jacoline (Lien) said...

wat een geweldig idee en zo Gezellig. En je maakt prchtige dingen kom zeker vaker langs om even te kijken. Good luck.

veerle said...

't Ziet er daar gezellig uit!