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I was tagged by Angélique from 'about taste and inspiration'.

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1) What were you doing 10 years ago?: After finishing my studies half a year before I was working as assistant-designer at an architectural office. I did not know then that I would work there for nine years. I lived on my own in The Haque. Travelling a lot between home, my job in Gouda and my boyfriend in Amsterdam.
2) What are the 5 things on your to do list today?: A quiet day at home: 1. take my daughter to school 2. make a checklist for packing our suitcase, for a 5-day trip to the coast, starting next monday 3. Sew a bag for toiletries 4. play with my youngest 5. bring the eldest to a friend to play.
3) snacks you enjoy: potatoe-chips
4) places you have lived: Vinkel, Delft, Stockholm, The Haque, Gouda, Utrecht, The Haque, Rotterdam, Rosmalen. The last place lies close to the first one, where I grew up. Back to the roots. And I love it here.
5) what are 5 things you would do if you were a Billionaire?: The most difficult question. 1. I would love to have a holidayhome near the Dutch coast. 2. Make life easier for my family and friends 3. Quit my job and go to the academy of arts. Just for fun 4. Design and build our own house on a perfect location. 5 Buy a lot of art.

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mayaluna said...

Thanks you for tagging me...I'm very flattered and am sorry it took me awhile to get over here to send my appreciation. I'm looking forward to hanging out a while and seeing what you've been up to!
:) Maya