These last days I've been busy putting together the schoolpaper for my daughters school. First time, using a new computerprogram. Stress! Finished it yesterday. I'm relieved. So today there was room for other things. Making pumpkin-apple-jam and apple-raisin-chutney with walnuts. Apple and pumpkin from my parents garden and walnuts from my aunts tree.


Pina said...

Wow, you made lots of those! They look wonderful and I really like the stickers.
I hope to make some pumpkin jam as well, they are ripe right now.

Erna said...

wow that looks awesome! That will get you through the winter I'm sure! Back to the kitchen I'm a little jalous of you're amount of jams and chutneys..have to make some more!

trudette, said...

That looks so delicious, lovely picture too !