Warm inside

Tomorrow it's 'Sint Maarten'. But since we are both working tomorrow we celebrated a bit of Sint Maarten on sunday. It was rainy and windy. We read stories about the saint, made a pumpkin-lantern and ate pumpkin-soup accompanied with a homemade pizza with goats-cheese and tomatoes.


Noni said...

^-^ Wat heb je altijd supermooie foto's... :)
Onze kneuterige flat heeft als enigste lichtval twee bizar grote ramen aan weerszijden van het appartement dus mijn foto's zijn vrijwel altijd overbelicht, haha!

Pompoensoep. Hmmm!

Pina said...


St. Martin's day is widely celebrated in Slovenia too but more or less people get drunk on this day. They usually eat goose, sauerkraut and potatoes, and drink LOTS of wine.

knofje said...

Wauw, die pompoen ziet er echt geweldig uit!