Present time

Did you have a peaceful christmas? We spend it with family. Especially the extensive christmas-lunch in my parents greenery was lovely and relaxed. Cold outside, a warm stove inside, good food and company.
These are all christmas presents. The little toiletry-bags, pencil-cases (tutorials from whip-up) and a bunting are presents for family. The stamps are part of my largest order till now. Eights stamps went to Australia. I hope all the (little) girls like their christmas-present.
And then presents for me. A beautiful pouch and a great felt necklace. From Floortje. She and her family visited us last sunday. We met because our husbands are friends. And I'm glad we did meet, because we share the love for crafting and blogging.


Belinda from Oz. said...

I've just "stumbled" across your blog and I have to say I love it. The things you make are soo cute. Thanks for sharing.

Ballee said...

mooie dingen!
En mooie foto's, een crafty 2009!

Pina said...

So many pretty things. :) (But I couldn't find those two tutorials...).