Some time ago I got an order to make a doll for a little girl turning one. I was already thinking about designing a doll and this is a great opportunity. The birthday is in july, so there's time to do some research on the subject of dolls and softies. The Hijn-project was a first try. This lady is the following attempt. From this Japanese book. It features just one prototype of doll, with a lot of variations and a complete wardrobe. All very stylish. What I discovered, now I started to make dolls and animals, is that it is very hard to part from them. But I'll be strong and give this girl away. More about that later.


Mlle Miracle said...

Your Una-na is veeery stylish. I love everything on her! You'll have fun trying different outfits!
looking forward for more wardrobe

Angélique said...

Really... that doll is too cute. I would have problems to part with her either. She is adorable.

Di said...

I love her - I must try to track down this book! Perhaps when I am in Japan in March I can find it. I can understand why she would be hard to part with!

Willeke said...

What a lovely doll. It makes me feel like making one myself.
I really enjoy your blog.