The Girls love to pick Flowers

Now I know why a stigma of a flower is called 'stempel' (stamp) in dutch. It is perfect for printing. These notecards are printed with the stigma of poppy's. Every poppy gives a different print.


Anonymous said...

Real good natural craftmenship.

I like it a lot, and I have many different cultural poppy's in my garden. But they haven't flowered yet. So I have to be patient.

What other flowers can be used? The star of an apple-core? I'll look for other natural stamps!

By the way (for your floweryfood-blog): we have been decorating our drinks lately with violets, looks real nice! And little wild strawberries, they are so fruity.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Simple and beautiful - love it!

Pina said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks.

isabelle said...

I will try as soon as I will cross some ... love the result !!