The day after

A walk in the woods and dunes with grandpa. A great opportunity to test her new hat. It had to be pink. Not my favorite colour (pinkstinks), but our youngest is a girly girl. All the pink yarn available in my stock resulted in this elf-hat. The pattern is to be found here (in dutch) or here (in english). I customized the pattern (no flaps, but a curve for the ears).


♥ meninheira said...

Hi from Galicia (Spain)

First I must apologize for my horrible English, sorry!
I just meet your blog and I love it! so I think must say you :)

See you here, hugssss


wood & wool stool said...

Hej Kristel!

Yeah! I received your wonderful stamp today. I'm as happy as a child with a new toy.

It's so cool! I will post it on my blog soon.

Happy Now Here!