Today Saint Nicolas came along. The girls were very nervous, but got exactly the presents that were on their wishlist. They were shaking with excitement. Luckely it is raining today, so it's a perfect day to play with the new toys, enjoy spice nuts and sinterklaas-soupe (with carrots, mandarin, orange and spices). I found this apt recipe in our family-planner, which is actually a childrens-agenda from Boekie Boekie. For those celebrating, have a fun Sinterklaas!


Kaye Prince said...

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Funnily enough I'm just reading a book today all about the different types of holiday celebrations involving Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus - it's very interesting!

Jane said...

Fijne Sinterklaas en wat een prachtig blog heb je. Leuk om hier eens te kijken, ik kwam er via via via.

Cris Prates said...

Happy Saint Nick's day! I didn't know there was such a day. It must have been really funny.

blandina said...

I have always been fascinated by Santa Klaus,when I was a child it seemed far more exciting than our traditional 'Natale' celebrations.
The soup sounds interesting: will you post the recipe please?
Blandina (from Florence, Italy )