It is a good day today

This morning I made a paper-bin-notebook for myself. A5-envelopes and a cover made from the packaging of cracottes. A very apt cover for this day. Our little one will turn 4 in april and today she went to school to practice for the first time. Luckily she liked it a lot. The cracotte box brought me back a few years. As a baby this little girl didn't want to drink from a bottle and didn't like to eat. When she was 15 months I stopped breastfeeding, because I was exhausted. And then for a few months she survived on just yoghurt and (guess) cracottes! She's still not interested in food (unless it is called 'frikandel'), but now, looking back, I realize the time of food struggle is definitely over.


Meibloempje said...


leuke boekjes!! Hoe maak je zoiets?

Groetjes, Meibloempje

CreAnoes said...

Wat een leukerd!! Wat een schoolvoorbeeld van recycling trouwens ;-)!

Groetjes, Anoeska

tantehilde said...

hoe tof, een cracottennotaboekje!! Gelukkige verjaardag voor de andere dochter!
en ik wou nog zeggen dat de tas die ik ooit van jou in ruil kreeg echt dagelijks gebruikt wordt voor mijn breiwerk mee naart werk te nemen, ideaal en nog steeds zo mooi!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I love this! How did you make it?