Where could they be?

Yesterday I wanted to do some easter-decorating in our house, but I couldn't find the easter-ornaments. Stored them too well, I guess. Only the little things above were in the place where I thought everything would be. Luckily these are my favorites. A blossom baby made with a felt-package that you can find in this shop. On the right you see beautiful glass easter-beads. Dorith from Kralorium made them for me for a swap. In the back: a piece of art-work from favorite artist Cathy Cullis.


Nadine Woolford said...

heej heej heb even de links in je nagelopen, wat een mooie poppetjes :D en ook de glaskralen zijn mooi! ga eens even goed naar mijn bankrekening staren en een budget vrijmaken voor de kralen!

Dorith said...

heeee....dat paashaasje is leuk zeg! :)
Je baby bloemetje vind ik ook erg schattig!
groetjes Dorith