A short, involuntary blogbreak. My loyal camera fell from the kitchen sink on the stone floor. Deceased. It made me realize how important it was to me. I use it on a daily basis. A new one was needed immediately. I played with the idea of buying a reflex camera. But I'm too impatient. So I bought myself a new compact camera. With the possibility to take RAW-pictures. 'Every disadvantage has an advantage' (a quote from a famous dutch football player)! By the way, does anybody know a good way to back-up a blog?


Anonymous said...

try this link with instructions-

I really like your blog...

jojoebi said...

sister diane at craftypod has been doing a series about backing up your blog, I haven't read through it all but it is here

Mireille said...

De gemakkelijkste manier is om de datum te veranderen als je een nieuwe post aanmaakt. Onderin de nieuwe post staat post options, daarin verander je de datum die je wilt hebben en dan wordt de post vanzelf ertussen geplaatst... simple as kissing!

a. said...

You're on Blogspot, so Google enables you to backup your blog via the export funtion... in the dashboard, go to "settings", choose the "basic" tab and click "export blog".

Google then generates an Atom (XML) file which should contain all your posts and comments (as long as you use Blogger's comment function, that is) in one file.

When you switch to another blog provider, this file will also come in handy, because importing blogs to new ones / providers usually works via importing XML files.

As for your blog template, you should regularly backup your template. In the dashboard, go to "design", "edit HTML" and click on "Download Full Template".

P.B. If you cannot see the backup function after logging into your dashboard, go via Blogger's "Blogger in Draft" mode ( - it's the same Blogger, but you will see all new functions and new tools early. The post/blog backup function was released around March 2010 and made available through Draft first (though I think it is now fully released...).

Hope it helps (though I know I'm late...).

texmex said...

Use Httrack, it's free and it works