No stage fright at all!

Both our daughters took part in a schoolplay. N. had been only one week in school but they managed to teach her a very cute dance with her classmates (unfortunately the pictures were nothing but blurry). Together with three friends J. had to do a dance on 'liefdeskapitein' (love captain). So one mother bought the hats and I made a last-minute-heart-brooch from felt. The girls practiced a lot with some older girls as their teachers. The 'love captains' did a great job on stage.

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Anonymous said...

't Ziet er professioneel uit, met zo weinig accessoires, dat is goed gelukt!
En K3 is jammergenoeg niet meer favoriet hier (mijn jongste had een uitvoering op 'Clic-clac' van Ralph) ik vind dat de CD's K3 een leuke afwisseling in stijl hebben.