Crazy chick

This afternoon the temperature outside went up to 31C. A day to do nothing, just have lunch with family and watch the kids play in the pool. For lunch I made orange-lemon and apple icetea. And put the ingredients (bread, lettuce, smoked chicken, avocado and mayonaise) for a do-it-yourself sandwich on the table. We recently ate a sandwich like that in a restaurant called Pink Lemon and tried to remember what was on it. A delicious combination.


Bagladee said...

Mmmmm sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

Het was erg lekker!!! We hebben het gisteren gegeten. Dus... bedankt voor de tip.


Geerts Family said...

Waar kan je gerookte kip kopen? Heb ook zin om zo'n broodje te eten?

vlijtig said...

Gewoon te verkrijgen bij de supermarkt. In de koeling bij het kippevlees.