Third life

I meant to post this dress a while ago but forgot to take pictures. The dress was made for my parents 40 year wedding anniversary. Made from a dress my mother wore when she was in her early twenties. I kept the neckline, made the top smaller, cut out the middle part of the dress and sewed the lower part to the top. It was a surprise for my mom. She loved it! She told me that she had already made the dress I used from a wider dress. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


floortje said...

Heel terg mooi...heerlijk om uit iets ouds iets nieuws te maken..geeft zoveel voldoening.

Kim said...

Haha, leuk toeval zeg! Ik heb je trouwens een stokje gegeven als je het wilt ;-) Kijk maar op m’n blog!