My beauties

Next weekend we will be removing our old kitchen, a piece of wall and the kitchen-floor. Since it's an open kitchen, directly next to the dining area, I'll have to remove my beloved pieces of art to protect them from the dust. Took some pictures to make sure that I can hang them exactly like this afterwards. I'll miss them. Envious? Check out the sites of the makers: 1. Be Happy Now, 2. Cathy Cullis, 3. Camilla Engman, 4. Fleurografie, 5. Fric de Mentol, 6. Ellen Heck, 7. Tush Tush, 8. made by me after a drawing of my daugher, 9. a portret of J. made by my father in law. I forgot to give the work next to the Camilla Engman a number. It is made by Ana Ventura


li-lisette said...

waauw! wat een mooie verzameling!
ik heb net in al de winkels rondgesmuld... mmmm!
bedankt voor het delen!

Jacqui Dodds said...

I like all your wall art - hope you can put them back up as before - or perhaps a change will be good?