By mail

Two bags? No, just one reversible big-multipupose-bag. It doesn't photograph well. Probably because of its size. But in real life it looks good and is useful. For carrying books from and to the library for example. I made this bag as a thank-you for Suzette.


tineke said...

leuk! lekker retro stofjes zeg..


Ilaria said...

Amazing amazing amazing....... Why don't you open a shop with these beauties???????? I'm waiting for my stamp and am so happy to be in your list...I'd love a bag like this to carry my books to school... :o)))

Suzette said...

Wow! Bedankt voor de prachtige tas! (Ik keek vandaag pas in mijn posvakje op kantoor...)
Een super begin van het weekend, zo'n mooi cadeau!
Dankewel en graag gedaan :-)