Hooray for the new oven

We've done a lot of baking for J's birthday. Her favourite chocolate-cake (in Dutch) on her real birthday. The sour cream makes it fresh. Try it. A chique cake for her childrens-party. The two-layered cake inside was coloured pink and green. And a classic Dutch apple-pie, rhubarb-muffins with edible flowers on top (sweet violets) and yin-yang cookies for today, when the family came to celebrate her 7th.


Suus Geniet said...

Mmmm, lekker. Jullie gasten boffen maar met jou bakvlijt! Suus

noflik nifelje said...

Dat ziet er allemaal lekker en mooi uit!!
Fijne week!

Jessy said...

wauw, je hebt inderdaad wat afgebakken! en de taart ziet er heel mooi uit :-)