For Marit

I have a problem managing my time. Always in a hurry because the next (work-, volunteer- or craft-) project is waiting. I really have to block hours in my planner to do nothing. And to think about and look for a new creative job, now that 'het grote zelfmaakboek voor meisjes' is finished. In the meantime this bag had to be made, because the little lady is celebrating her birthday this afternoon and N. is invited.


Denco said...

Altijd leuk zo'n tas, wanneer ligt je boek in de winkel???

Maaike said...

Wanneer is je boek eigenlijk te koop?

xxMarit said...

ik zag zo mijn naam in mijn dashbord staan, maar gaat dus niet over mij..... leuke tas en wanneer komt je boek uit?