In autumn and winter this blog is mainly about crafts, but in spring it moves to the culinary section. Tried something new with elderblossom: drying the flowers in order to make a healthy (it is said to help against colds and coughs) cup of tea. There were a lot of small insects in the flowers when we hung them under the shed in our garden. But by the time they were dry, all insects had disappeared. Although you can make tea with fresh flowers now, I wanted to taste the dried version right away. Combined with green tea it made a wonderful, slightly sweet drink.


Pina said...

I am not sure if it helps against colds and coughs but it does help when you have a cold. It makes you sweat more and with this you help your body to get rid of a disease. I dry also linden blossoms, echinacea (leaves and blossoms), mentha, lemon balm, thyme and others. I found out that dried herbs are much more aromatic than fresh ones and you need less of them.

Anneke said...

Bedankt voor de tip! Ik heb al siroop gemaakt, maar vond later een hele goede plek waar veel vlier groeit; daar kan ik mooi thee van gaan maken!