Two shades of green

I love gooseberry's! Yesterday my dad brought 2 kilo's from their garden. To make jam. I used half a kilo special jam sugar on one kilo of fruit, because I like the sourness of the fruit. It's a pity the berry's loose their beautiful green colour when cooked. It took me just five minutes to cut a gooseberry-stamp out of an eraser for the labels. Half of the jars will go back to my dad. The other ones are for presents and our own breakfast table.


Linda said...

Mjam lekker. Wat knap van je, dat je die stempel zo mooi en snel hebt gemaakt!

Rie said...

I love Gooseberries & haven't had them since I was a kid! That's it, I'm going to keep my eye out for a gooseberry bush to put in my garden!