Yesterday was not a good day. Too much to do. Work, hobby, baskets full of washed laundry to be ironed, apples and grapes waiting to be processed. Pfff... Took some paracetamol and started on top of the list. The grapes were turned into a delicious jam with pecans and cognac. At eleven in the evening I put away the iron and went to bed.


Kaatje said...

dan heb je nog veel gedaan op een minder goede dag. Die jam ziet er heerlijk uit.
Hopelijk gaat het je vandaag wat beter?

Limar said...

Hope an award can make you feel better? :) I gave you a versatile blogger award on my blog. I think your work is awesome. Hope you will accept it. If you don't like awards then you can just take it as a compliment :)