Congratulations C & C!

What an honour to be witness to my cousins wedding! It was my first time. Closest I ever came to a marriage (we are not married, nor is my brother and many of our friends). And what a perfect sunny day. Made me realize how beautiful my place of birth actually is. 's-Hertogenbosch. With the amazing city hall with gobelins all over and the fantastic cathedral where the marriage took place (with a friend-of-the-family pastor for the occasion, how special!). All almost as beautiful as the bride. Have a wonderful honeymoon!


Anonymous said...

How amazing to get married in de St Jan. I remember playing in a consert there with the Muziekschool! The bride looked beautiful. Alison

Anonymous said...

Wat leuk om te zien! Het was zo'n mooie dag en jullie waren daar een belangrijk onderdeel van. Thnx C.