Slow food

A few days ago we planned to visit friends, who are living close to the sea. But due to the extreme weather we had to cancel the trip. I had already baked this cake for them. Unfortunately :-D we have to eat is ourselves now. I loved the paper 'tins' I found in the local grocery store, but I'd better place them in a real tin while baking. Since the before looks much better than the after.


Femke said...

Oh wat een geweldig plan, die cake. As we speak staat mijn restant goudreinetten van het appelbeigneits bakken al in de suiker en kaneel te trekken. Ik ben benieuwd!

little red home said...

Oh,errug dat je het zelf op moest eten! (maar niet heus). Ziet er erg lekker uit...Groetjes, Anne-Marie