The girls are sometimes complaining about the boring clothes I buy for them. And in a way they're right. I never buy anything with prints, pink or glitters and often choose for less bright colours. But when I ask them to go shopping with me, to choose their own clothes, they refuse. To keep them happy anyway I provide bright and colourful handmade jewelry once in a while. These necklaces are so easy to do. String about 20 colourful beads to a ball of cotton. Single crochet a string, slipping a bead in between every 2 cm. As simple as that.


Karin - The F Girl said...

That's so lovely. I am positive that will brighten up any outfit :)

Peppy said...

Wat een goed idee! Dat lijkt me ook leuk om in de vakantie eens met mijn dochters uit te proberen, bedankt voor de beschrijving!