Last weekend we went to the Rietveld-Schroderhouse in Utrecht. You think you know a building by all the pictures and plans you have studied, but being there was so much better. We thought it would be quite hard on the kids, because you aren't allowed to touch anything in the house. But they were also impressed by the building and behaved like angels. The girls were excited about all the ingenious solutions Rietveld incorporated in the house. Sliding walls, hidden stairs, panoramic room on top, strange windows and an unfolding bathroom. A real must-see! On the right you see a postcard-model of the house. The height is less than three cm. Impossible to put together, even for someone who has made over a hundred models!

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Hoppin' Up said...

Moet ik ook eens heen! Een andere aanrader is Villa Sonneveld in Rotterdam. De Gispen hemel!!!