Whoopies, the new macaroons?

A few weeks ago my husband, parents and brother went to France to cut down some dangerously big trees near our holiday home. A hell of a job, but with the help of a french treedoctor and some neighbours it was done within time. Whenever a family member goes to France I have my list of small wishes ready. Salty butter, salty chocolate, vanilla essence, vanilla yoghurt, writing pads, kraft envelopes and... Elle a Table magazine. J and I made these whoopies from the december issue. We replaced strawberry syrup by violet syrup (also from France). Easy to make, good looking and very tasty! Similar recipes can be found here.


Kaatje (Els) said...

ik maakte ze ook vorig weekend.. Lekker, maar die van ons waren wat te zeer omhoog gegaan in de oven ;))

Maryvonne said...

meer de nieuwe cupcakes!