Pefect hump

A madeleine-mold was one of my wishes Sinterklaas has fulfilled this year. On my wishlist for a while, but I couldn't find a reason to buy one (since I already have a rediculously large collection of baking tins). A few days ago the first batch of classic Madeleines de Commercy came out of the oven. Using a recipe by Julia Child. A good recipe because, apart from a little too much batter into each cup, this first try came out remarkably well. Many more of these cookies/cakes will follow! I will probably 'need' a mold for small madeleines too...


Anonymous said...


Do You have Julia Childs cookbook?
Would like to lend it from you one or two days???

Bon A!

Isabelle Touyarou said...

They look just perfect !!