Twinkle twinkle

I think I like the cosy dark days filled with candle light before more than christmas itself. Today we put up the first seasonal decorations. Made last week. Paper stars, folded following this tutorial. Put on a string with glass beads, felt balls and tassels, inspired by these images. But when I put them in front of the window, I saw that the windows desperately needed washing up. I believe that 'a clean house is a sign of a wasted life', but in order to let my paper stars shine I will have to do some cleaning when the rain and snow have stopped falling this week.


Nicole Maaksels en meer said...

Leuk, die wil mijn dochter ook nog graag maken dus we hebben weer een klusje in het verschiet! Mooie nieuwe uitstraling van jouw blog!

Anoeska said...

Leuk zijn ze zeg! Ik wilde nog een kerstmobile maken, ik denk dat deze er aan komen!