Let it rain or snow

I saw these cloud pins on El hada de papel. It's one of my favourite kids crafts sites. These clouds are easily made with scraps of felt and mixed beads. The hard part was drawing the clouds. It seems so simple, but making a perfect little cloud with the right proportions isn't that easy. I googled for cloud tutorials (there must be other people having the same 'problem') and this one was the first one I opened. Once I saw that it was just a collection of circles and ovals I knew enough.


Sol said...

these are sooo pretty!
Are they hair brooches? anyway, I love them... Might whip out the felt scrap box one of these days... If only I had more time!

Sol said...

On an unrelated note: as I ate the last stroopwafel I stumbled upon the following video:

Now I'm very sad I didn't do this.

They were nonetheless, pretty amazing. Thanks again Kristel!

equipo: Hannah/Noah/Hilke said...

Wow !
Yours are really pretty!
I am going to pin them right now