Wednesday afternoon

Our friends own large pieces of land, because they have a company in turf. Winter is not a good time for grass, so they had the opportunity to prepare a 2 km ice skating track in their 'back yard'. The daughters and I went there yesterday right after school, having lunch in the car. We were the first ones to arrive. The girls were on the ice in a minute, but the laces of my ancient skates snapped. But an ingenuous construction with four pieces of lace had me up and running. Outdoor skating is so much fun! After an hour it was becoming busier and busier and we were getting tired and cold. Time to go home to have a hot chocolate.


Schone Vrouw said...

Geen 'Meters Maken', maar 'Kilometers Maken', heerlijk!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristel. Als ik me niet vergis is dat in Vinkel! Vrijwel in onze voortuin dus enorm genieten voor onze kinderen. Misschien kom ik je dit weekend nog wel tegen. Hartelijke groet, Marielle van Kaathoven