For my mother

Presents for the best mom there is. She celebrated her birthday yesterday. We bought her a necklace I had my eye on for a while. Ordered at Tas-ka, designed by Studio MHL. Of course we also gave her something hand made. I used my screen printed constellation fabric to sew a pocketbook. Perfect for carrying passports and other travel related documents to their other home in France. And I brought her a Anne-doll panel of which some guests said that I had made a simplified self portrait. I hadn't meant to do so, but there's some resemblance.


In de weer said...

Cadeau's met liefde uitgezocht.
Lucky mam, proficiat.

Helmi said...

Proficiat met je moeder. Wat een verwennerij!

Anonymous said...

Wat mooi zeg! Ik ga ook zo'n pocketbook voor mijn moeder naaien heb ik net bedacht. Nu nog alle maten omrekenen naar cm, vind ik altijd zo'n gedoe!