Poor neglected blog

One of the attractions of my blog are the almost daily posts, I know. But work, illness and fun things things kept me from posting regularly these last weeks. I promise to behave better. Luckily the sick child above is better already. The night before her birthday party she woke up with ear ache. We unfortunately had to call off her party. Poor girl. The boxes with favours have to wait. I folded out an existing box to make a template for the boxes. A much simpler way to do it is to use this box template maker.


Helmi said...

Och toch, beterschap!

Dymphie said...

Dank je wel voor de dozenlink, erg handig.

stoika de vreeze said...
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Anonymous said...

die box maker is echt geweldig! Dat scheelt veel rekenwerk :-)
Bedankt voor de tip!
beterschap voor je zieke dochter