Come and visit!

The renovated Noordbrabants museum opened her doors this weekend. It's located under the same roof as the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch. A beautiful set of buildings, old and new, stringed together by architects Bierman-Henket, with a very broad collection in it. As a museum teacher and architectural guide I joined the opening party on friday, had my first day of work yesterday and was so proud to be part of all this. On the left you can see a glimpse of the latest bright work of Marc Mulders, with an amazing glass stained window. The 3d-printed miss piggy-rings on the right were part of artwork 'wanna swap your ring?' of Ted Noten. You could swap your own ring for a miss piggy. I swapped two. One collectors item for each daughter, for when they're grown-up.


In de weer said...

Wat heerlijk dat het weer open is. In het verleden al menig mooie kunst gezien. We gaan er zeker weer heen.
Succes, lijkt me 'n leuke baan.

Mars said...

Die ringen zijn echt te gek! Had ik zo een ring voor willen ruilen :)