More rhubarb

Jam is nice, but I like marmalade better. Here you see a combination of rhubarb and oranges. It's a very basic and simple recipe. You only need some time to keep an eye on the pan. My new labels turned out a bit too big for the small jars. Next time I'll fold them in half. I printed the recipe on the labels, because I never remembered what recipe I had used for that fantastic tasting marmalade.

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Mevrouw Pardoes said...

Lekker! Ik maak het met 1 kilo rabarber, 1 sinasappel en 300 gram aardbeien (of een veelvoud van alles) met 1 kaneelstokje. Daarbij 300 gram suiker per 1 kilo fruit en Marmello. Zooooooooooo lekker!