Great heights

Although the weather wasn't very summer-like, 16C and rainy, we had a truly wonderful neighbourhood summer feast last sunday. Decorating bikes, craft and second hand market, making buttons, taking apart old appliances, musical performances and an American style buffet. But the best thing was climbing in and swinging from trees.  The kids were waiting in line, in the pouring rain, to have another turn, over and over again. The 'woodmanager', providing this attraction, used to live in our neighbourhood and gladly volunteered. Wouldn't you want to live in a neighbourhood like this? Days like sunday make us realise we love it here! Yesterday I was dealing with the less attractive details of the days: the laundry. I think, I will never get out all the green and brown from the wet trees.

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In de weer said...

Heerlijk zo'n dag, in zo'n leuke buurt en je ziet ze genieten.