Sunny summer stuff

Today I put this wonderful linen with crochet runner on the table for lunch. And that was the moment I suddenly started to doubt whether I had wrote a post about the gifts I got from Jacqui. I knew I prepared the pictures... How could I forget? The presents were so beautiful! The table runner and the patchwork pillow case really were the best. So much work in it. The girls loved their sweets, writing paper en handcrafted lights. Jacqui, thanks for this great swap!

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Jacqui said...

I didn't see this! Thank you for the kind words and for reminding me that I need to do a post about your lovely parcel. Hazel was wearing the little crochet necklace/pouch yesterday at a party and I was thinking that she so rarely wears jewellery or anything around her neck that it's a big thing she's wearing this one! I came looking through your blog for an image of that lovely doll you sent as I was thinking of starting to sew her up at long last!